“The Fly” (1986) by David Cronenberg

Director: David Cronenberg

Cinematography: Mark Irwin

Writers: Charles Edward Pogue (Screenplay), David Cronenberg (screenplay), George Langelaan (short story)

Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis

Rating: 83

The Fly title.jpg

Cronenberg’s “The Fly” combines the zaniness of his previous film with the practical effects glory of “The Thing” and what comes out is wild.

Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) is a burgeoning young scientist sitting on an invention that will change the world. He soon sparks up a romantic relationship with Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), a journalist, that is our view into this transformation. It’s”s not an overly complicated plot, but focuses heavily on making Seth Brundle into an insect.

The FLy 2.jpg

The story begins with the wonky looking set designs and props that make up Brundle’s lab. His transportation device, the cylinder-shaped device that is the source of all evil in the film. When a fly gets trapped in the device alongside Brundle, mashing the DNA, sends this story down an unruly path.

In the same way Carpenter’s “The Thing” horrifies in delight with ultra unique practical effects, The Fly hits with a possibly even more disturbing creature. Seeing a chiseled Jeff Goldblum get slowly degraded into a full-on fly is some disturbing shit. It was peak Cronenberg living his best life.

The FLy 1.jpg


It’s not some miracle film that changes the history of cinema, but it’s wickedly fun and totally disturbing. When the premise gets this ridiculous, it’s better when the film just embraces the weirdness fully. This film does that and then some. Definitely worth a viewing, especially for hardcore fans of cheap looking practical effects. 10/10 in awesome, fake-looking practical effects.

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