Weird Cinema. The supernatural. The abstract. The unnatural. The impossibly creepy, cruel or obscene. The sensation of black comedy and the general musings of surrealism. Take a journey through the deepest and darkest avenues of the human subconscious. Explore the unnerving films slowly dissipating from the zeitgeist, needing to find a new audience. My mission with weirdcinema.net will be to open up fans to the most unhinged cinema the world has ever seen.

In the coming days, the site will be flooded with list of directors, actors, and films that fall under the umbrella of weird or unique cinema. Weird doesn’t necessarily mean good, but as a baseline the film will have some inherently watchable qualities. It’s in these watchable qualities do we find our love in cinema.

It’s the desire to break out and be free. Free from conventions, expectation; allowing a person to explore their inner self to the fullest extent. It’s a visual reminder of our ability to be different.

Certified Weird Cinema

In the same way Rotten Tomatoes does the tomato meter, I will be bestowing the honor of crowning only the strangest films in the long history of the medium, with the Certified Weird Cinema tag:

Films that are granted the “Certified Weird Cinema” tag will consist of the following:

  • Abstract visual element
  • Contrasting narrative element either in a satirical fashion, black comedy or surrealism sense
  • Genre films
  • Conventionally structured films that use unconventional means
  • Unique story structures
  • The avant-garde
  • Counter-culture
  • Theatre of the absurd

And of course, not limited to these qualities but anything that strikes a visceral nerve as to being weird. It’s as simple as that in some cases. It won’t be easy to earn the title of “Certified Weird” but the films that do, will have that certain quality that makes it a worthwhile experience.

Award Season Coverage

Covering both award season and weird cinema might be antithetical towards one another, but my interest happen to span across both categories. It’s rare to see the two cross paths in any meaningful way, but it has happened on occasion. Regardless, I’ll be covering the entire award season from end to end.

Film History

Film history is an incredibly important topic, not only as an interested party in the origins of cinema and the infrastructure, but on a cultural level. It’s fascinating how film has reinforced many cultural happenings and has defined a great deal of the last century. I’ll tell research stories of the grand studios of MGM, Paramount, Universal, and Fox, of famous actors and what made them special. It’s important to tell all the stories from the inception of a deal to the production and even marketing.

I want to spread the joy I have for the great history of Hollywood and world cinema, as well as the dark history of the industry. It’s a section of the site I want to regularly address and hope to obtain more knowledge on the subject of film history as we go…

Thank you to the readers – if its one person or a million people, thank you. I do this for the love of cinema and to spread the enthusiasm around the world. If you find one of our recommendations, please let us know on all our social media pages. Thank you

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