Which Sadomasochist Hellraiser Cenobite is best?

The extra-dimensional, sadomasochist Hellraiser Cenobites out of Clive Barker’s novella and the 1987 film are a trademark of weird cinema. Any extra-dimensional being that finds pleasure in equal parts due to pain and mental suffering will have some play on this site, so we’ll break down the best of the best.

4. Female Cenobite

The female cenobite, albeit the wisest of the bunch and written with the best backstory of the group, is the most indistinct. The raspy voice is essentially the voice of the Cenobites. The wires running through her cheeks and throat indicate a deep pleasure in the sensation of sin. Her partnership with Pinhead makes her a franchise favorite.

3. Pinhead

Pinhead is the face of hell. He leads the Cenobites throughout time and is the decision maker of the group. He’s even a reasonable man, who dresses in gothic clothing and S&M club attire. He’s a fashion and horror icon.

2. Chatterbox Cenobite 

Chatterbox is simultaneously the most disturbing and annoying of the Cenobites. The constant chattering of teeth can get to me, but just look at that precious face. That’s a man looking for pleasure and pain by any means necessary. He’s a MAN dedicated to his cause.

1. Butterball Cenobite

Butterball is named after a famous meat producer that is there when you need a turkey on Thanksgiving – Butterball also serves as the leader of the group in the novel, but is demoted to a follower of Pinhead (bad move, imo) in the film. He also wears sunglasses and is described as a “sexless thing.” The confidence shines off his blubbering exterior.

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