Robert Eggers “The Northman” Trailer is finally here

Robert Eggers, the visionary behind The Witch and the 2019 avant-garde buddy film, The Lighthouse, returns with a Norse based film in The Northman

The Northman is undoubtedly the biggest undertaking in Eggers short career. In the past, it’s been small cast and crew, on a remote island, shooting small-scale, albeit gorgeous, stories. Eggers described his 2022 release as a “massive production,” as the film seemingly spans different locations and already has one of the best cast for all of next year.

First off, we get two Eggers veterans returning in Willem Dafoe and Anya Taylor-Joy. Both delivering some of their best work on their respective films. Adding on two Skarsgård’s, including Alexander transforming into the muscular norseman in the lead. Plus, Nicole Kidman will bring a lot to the role of his mother.

Based on tone alone, it feels like a Eggers film. Dark, brooding, with an underlying tone of despair in the lead. The trailer reminded me of The Lighthouse, but not as stylized.

In terms of it’s potential to land in the 2022 “weirdest films” category, there’s potential there. Eggers is an eccentric and there’s just no way he doesn’t dip his toe into surrealism once again. Long live Eggers!

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