Boiling Point is the one-shot done right

Done in one brilliantly crafted one-shot, the brisk flow of the pacing and camera movements made it feel natural as possible, as if one was a quiet observer watching a restaurant kitchen crumble. The pressure cooker atmosphere enhances the thematic relevance, and captures the true tension and anxiety of running a restaurant. Food people who have worked in dysfunctional kitchens will be able to relate to this experience, and the storytelling device of the one-shot makes for a fascinating dissection of all these individual jobs and archetypes. It tells a larger story than simply the work issues, and conveys these mounting problems happening in each person individually but with Stephen Graham at the center. And Graham is outstanding – as his whole life in the blink of an eye can come to a tragic end. The entire cast is great and authentic as if a restaurant crew was cast for these parts and it shows in the immersion. The standouts being Graham, Carly (Vinette Robinson), and Freeman (Ray Panthaki),  who all bring different emotions and perspectives to the table. The film has great movement in the direction and camera work. All the actors are moving and coming in-and-out of frame. It’s organic storytelling driven by the pressures of the profession.


★★★★/ Out of 5★s (87)

(84-87-90-89-85-91-85-89-N/A-85-88-91-83-89: 87.38)

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