The Salt of Tears (2021) is the Salt of My Tears

Pointless postmodern melodramatic romance that left me feeling deeply offended. It’s a film that hits all the cliches of what’s generally associated with arthouse cinema but in the sarcastic, negative sense. There’s no essence to the character study as it simply wallows in the dourness of the atmospherics. 

Philippe Garrel manages to say nothing through these characters. It provides a rather standard look at modern relationships, relating them through archetypes, rather than genuine details, and underdeveloped their chemistry. Three women all provide little impact on Luc’s (Logann Antuofermo) nihilism and fail to leave any sort of impression. 

As far as relationships are concerned, only Luc and his father (André Wilms) have any sort of meaningful impact on the story. It’s vapid besides the scenes his father is involved in. The romance element, which the entire idea is based around, lacks the necessary ingredients in the writing, directing and acting to make it work. The concept has merit, but the execution is flat.


★★ / Out of 5★s (45)

(62-50-75-45-60-75-65-35-70-65-15-78-70-60: 58.92)

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