“Argentina, 1985” (2022) a striking, incisive look at The Dirty War

Incredibly powerful writing, performance,, and story about the trial relating to Argentina’s Dirty War. An all-encompassing look at the corruption, horror, and intimidation that took place, and the sheer and utter lack of humanity prohibited in these acts of pure genocide. It’s shot and paced similarly to a Spotlight but has a far more resonant, triumphant tone while existing and experiencing this pool of filth. Ricardo Darín is wonderful and brilliant as the prosecutor. He delivers every line with such weight and contains his rage until the glorious cliché closing arguments that are striking and moving. He inspires empathy and cries out for the victims’ pain, with “Nunca mas,” as his closing statement. And, I’ll never forget the raw emotion of Laura Parades (Adriano) telling the birth story that shocks anyone within earshot. A horrifying sequence that underlines the inhumane brutality of the Argentine Navy. But again, Santiago Mitre paints these brave men and women that fought valiantly as heroes under intense scrutiny. Mitre captures that struggle and perseverance. It weighs heavily into politics painting the Argentine dictatorship as purely evil.

  • The cast as a whole was excellent: Juan Pedro Lanzani as Julio Castro’s “deputy-prosecutor” is challenging and fills the idealist role in this story. Alejandra Flescher as Julio’s wife Silvia is the motor of the story, with Julio as the driver
  • Unfortunately, the defendants are caricatures and not given any depth, including the lawyer
  • Infused style through music and smooth transitions, often using match cuts, and mixing in sound nicely. A well edited film all together and makes a long movie feel brisk

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Verdict: not weird

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